Thursday, February 7, 2013

Off the Floor and On the Wall!

SuperStorm Sandy taught us all some valuable lessons - certainly, one is to take nothing for granted.  

Another is to get your heating and mechanical equipment off the floor!  Boiler and water heater manufacturers as well as trade associations issued warnings and directives immediately following the storm that any water-damaged boiler or water heater must be replaced rather than repaired.

The number of homes affected by flooding and sand invasion was mind boggling.  Equipment manufacturers and contractors alike were having a very difficult time keeping up with the demand for replacement units.  energyPRO member, Richie Carbone of Carbone Plumbing & Heating, recently encountered such a job.

A home in Long Beach, NY was damaged by about 2 feet of water AND sand.  The home's conventional, floor-standing boiler and water heater were in need of replacement.  The homeowner rents out the 1st and 2nd floors of the home and wanted to provide separate heat & hot water systems for each tenant.  Carbone suggested the installation of a high-efficiency, gas-fired Viessmann Vitodens 100 with Combi+, which provides off-the-floor mounting as well as on-demand Domestic Hot Water.

After having no heat or hot water for over 8 weeks, the tenants were thrilled when they "flipped the switch!"  After a few adjustments, they are very happy with the performance of these energy-efficient boilers.

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