Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Italians Have Landed at Wales-Darby!

Wales-Darby recently added

HVAC Manufacturing

to their family of quality products.
Niccons is based in Vicenza, Italy and is the manufacturer of 
Mini-Split / Line Set Ducting and Accessory items.

Niccons ties in well with another recent addition to the Wales-Darby lineup -

Pre-Insulated Refrigeration Line Sets
also manufactured in Italy

Be sure to contact your Wales-Darby sales representative today for more information on these - and all of our - fine products.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Off the Floor and On the Wall!

SuperStorm Sandy taught us all some valuable lessons - certainly, one is to take nothing for granted.  

Another is to get your heating and mechanical equipment off the floor!  Boiler and water heater manufacturers as well as trade associations issued warnings and directives immediately following the storm that any water-damaged boiler or water heater must be replaced rather than repaired.

The number of homes affected by flooding and sand invasion was mind boggling.  Equipment manufacturers and contractors alike were having a very difficult time keeping up with the demand for replacement units.  energyPRO member, Richie Carbone of Carbone Plumbing & Heating, recently encountered such a job.

A home in Long Beach, NY was damaged by about 2 feet of water AND sand.  The home's conventional, floor-standing boiler and water heater were in need of replacement.  The homeowner rents out the 1st and 2nd floors of the home and wanted to provide separate heat & hot water systems for each tenant.  Carbone suggested the installation of a high-efficiency, gas-fired Viessmann Vitodens 100 with Combi+, which provides off-the-floor mounting as well as on-demand Domestic Hot Water.

After having no heat or hot water for over 8 weeks, the tenants were thrilled when they "flipped the switch!"  After a few adjustments, they are very happy with the performance of these energy-efficient boilers.

Contact Wales-Darby to learn more about numerous energy-efficient heating solutions available

Thursday, December 20, 2012

As previously announced, Wales-Darby was recently approached by the production staff of NBC's "George to the Rescue," in which host, George Oliphant, and his crew rescue the homes of deserving people.  The task at hand was to provide a new heating and cooling system for Freeport homeowners who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

With equipment donated by our manufacturers Viessmann, Fujitsu and Taco and installation services donated by Petro we were able to install a complete new system of state-of-the-art product.

Jim Athens, Rob Salem and Frank Minissale of Petro
with host, George Oliphant (3rd from left)

These products were chosen not only for their efficiency, which will save the homeowners energy dollars, but also for the fact that they are wall-mounted to eliminate the potential for future flood damage.  We replaced the existing conventional gas-fired boiler with a 90% efficient Viessmann Vitodens 100 Wall-hung boiler.  All boiler room accessories are manufactured by Taco, Inc. of Cranston, RI and include their new BumbleBee variable-speed Delta-T pump, which cuts electricity consumption while automatically optimizing the efficiency of the boiler; and Zone Valves, which also provide high-efficiency operation with minimal electric usage.

We replaced a conventional through-the-wall A/C unit with a Fujitsu Mini-Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump.  This high-efficiency system provides whisper-quiet cooling as well as a back-up heat source in temperatures as low as 5 deg. F.

Both the boiler and a/c system are eligible for local utility rebates.

"Stay tuned" for an announcement of the air date of this episode of "George to the Rescue."

Sid Harvey's Honors Taco

On October 22, 2012 Sid Harvey's held their Sales Management Conference at the recently-opened Taco Innovation and Development Center in Cranston, RI.  While there the Sid Harvey's participants were given a tour of this ground-breaking facility as well as the Taco factory.

The event was highlighted by the presentation of an award to Taco President, John Hazen White, Jr.  Its inscription read, "In Recognition for your Exceptional Contribution to the Sid Harvey Team and the industry as a whole."

Sid Harvey's Sales Managers,
Representatives from Wales-Darby,
and Taco personnel at the
Taco Innovation and Development Center

Taco President, John Hazen White, Jr. accepts award from Sid Harvey's
Pictured (L-R): Todd Facey of Taco, Rich Carbonaro of Sid Harvey's,
John Hazen White, Jr. of Taco, Sidney Harvey and John Rynecki of Sid Harvey's

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wales-Darby Answers the Call From George to the Rescue

In the continuing aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there remains an overwhelming number of people displaced from their homes.  NBC's George to the Rescue has now become involved in the rebuilding of one such home located in Freeport, NY.

Wales-Darby received a request from the show to provide a new heating and hot water system for the homeowners - complete with equipment as well as the contractors to do the installation.  So, they called on their manufacturing partners and their trade allies and have come up with an equipment package and the skilled - and licensed - contractors to do the job.

"Stay tuned" for more as the work gets going!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wales-Darby Helps with Hurricane Relief

It is common, at this time of the year, for Wales-Darby to begin their holiday collection for the Island Harvest food bank.  Employees are encouraged to "give back" by donating non-perishable foods and / or monetary gifts.

The collection this year, however, takes on an even greater meaning as these donations will be going directly to our neighbors severely affected by the recent "Superstorm" Sandy and the Nor'Easter that immediately followed in its wake.  The devastation across Long Island from these storms is such as has not been seen in decades - or, ever, by many of us.

In addition to our "harvest" collection, we are also accepting donations of gently used, clean coats and blankets.  These will be given to distribution centers in the hardest-hit areas and provided to those who still have no power  - or gas - or heat.  Current estimates for restoring electric and gas service to certain areas are frightening.  It could be Christmas - or later - until some families have warm homes again.  It's amazing how easy it is to take these comforts for granted . . . until you don't have them . . . in November or December . . . and the mercury is dipping into the 30s at night!

If you are interested in helping our efforts, please drop off your donations at the front desk of our NY office located at 2910 Express Drive South in Islandia.  Thank you!